CRM (Sage Act) Integration


CRM (Sage Act) Integration


I am so (un) technical that I am not even certain that this note is being written in the correct place to get a response from the people who are technical..


In the hope that this is indeed where I need to be, here is my unworkable issue or fantastic idea depending on the responses I get.


I wish to be able to pull my product/link specific click through out of Constant Contact (I'm OK with doing this export myself).


I then wish to load them into my CRM (Sage Act) and have a 'call back' created against the name of each so that I can issue leads to my staff accordingly.


The express purpose is to avoid the labour intensity involved in accessing 300 individual clients to raise a call back for each.


I can continue exporting and printing CSV files to work from but if there is not the capacity to perform this task someone should create it. If this turns out that this idea is totally original and results in success and money I am happy to take credit for creating the original concept in the form of swelling bank accounts.


I look forward to any constructive responses and thank you in advance 




Hi Sandy,


Thank you for the feedback.  If I'm understanding correctly, you want to batch your contacts who clicked on a link in emails sent through Constant Contact, and submit them all as leads.


It's possible I'm missing something, but it seems like the functionality you need is on the Act side.  Does Act allow you to create multiple leads at once, through a CSV or otherwise?  If so, we can look at that as an enhancement for Constant Contact-Act integration.  If not, Act will need to support leads submitted in batch before the integration can be built.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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