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CURL signup script stopped working on Nov. 1st


CURL signup script stopped working on Nov. 1st

I've been using the php cURL library to register new members to our website to our Constant Contact contact list for about a year, but suddenly on November 1st, it stopped working -- no more signups despite hundreds of new members.

The POSTURL I've been using is .

There are a number of variables in the query string (m, sn, pp, fc, bc, etc.).

I'm wondering if this URL, or the variables, have changed? Or some other reason it stopped working?

I can post my complete code if you like.


We experienced the same problem across all of our client Web sites. Apparently CC implemented a CAPTCHA on their sign-up form, so this integration method will no longer work. It would have been nice if they had notified their customers as we've lost countless subscribers due to this change. We are presently implementing the API as that appears to be the only way to integrate to CC now.

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re: Signup script / CURL Signup

The API referenced in this thread was designed for and is used by, the Site Visitor Signup form. The API was recently updated in an ongoing effort to eliminate scripting based fraud and abuse. The public APIs in this forum provide a documented alternative approach to add contacts to your account.
Tom M
Group Product Manager – Content Editing
Constant Contact