Campaign Api is not showing the correct optout

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Campaign Api is not showing the correct optout



If you checked the below image,

it says there are 42 optouts but if i check it through API


We did some testing on the API this morning to confirm that OptOuts are correctly being returned, both in the v1 and v2 API.  We did confirm that everything is being returned in all of our test accounts and our automated tests are all passing and have been validated.


It looks like you're doing a variable dump from a PHP app in your second screenshot.  It also looks like you're using our v1 XML API, which requires custom mapping in PHP.  We can definitely troubleshoot this further with you, we would need:


1. Raw XML payload you're receiving from the API call (confirm that the correct information is coming back)

2. PHP code you are using to parse the XML to the object you did the variable dump from (confirm that the XML parsing is being done correctly)


If you don't feel comfortable posting that information here, feel free to email it to us at

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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