Can I Link Two Docs Together

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Can I Link Two Docs Together



I am very new to Constant Contact and I can't quite figure this one out. I have a link to a doc embedded in an email that I am creating. When the viewer opens that document, I have a link to another document to view additional info. Both docs and the link between the two was created outside of Constant Contact and I uploaded both into the Document Library. But when I open the first document via the embedded link in the email, I can't click on the link in that document and go to the second document. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? tia


Hello Tia,


Without seeing the documents and links, I'm afraid I can't say much about what  you may or may not be missing.  It sounds like you have one PDF in your library, and that includes a link to another PDF.  A link to the first PDF is inserted  into your email, with the intent that the person opens one PDF, and then can click a link in that PDF to load the second PDF.  If that is the case, the issue is probably not related to our systems, but to the PDF itself. The link may not be set up properly to be a clickable link your PDF, or Adobe Reader isn't displaying it as clickable for some reason (possibly a security setting).  If the above is correct, you should contact our Customer Support Department, so one of our customer support agents can have a closer look, and escalate as needed to technical support to see if we can offer any further assistance.

Mark Coleman
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Thanks Mark I will do that.

Just looked at the documents in your account.  The link you have in the 1st PDF is actually a link to the local version of the 2nd PDF (notice it begins with C:\ isntead of http://).  This will cause the link to look for something local to each users computer, instead of to the one you uploaded to Constant Contact.  You'll need to update your 1st PDF to include the link to the hosted version of your 2nd PDF you uploaded to your Constant Contact document hosting.   That should fix your problem.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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OK, that explains it. Should have been able to figure that out myself.:(

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