Can You Manage (Add, Remove) Tags Via API


Can You Manage (Add, Remove) Tags Via API

Greetings, I have got two questions. First is, can you manage tags(such as adding, deleting etc) via constant contact api, and second, can anyone tell me why constant contact support is not replying to my support messages, I mean is there some sort of break down or anything that I might have missed due to which they are not replying. This is support mail that I have sent my mails to 2 days ago and all I have got in return is auto generated machine response saying thank you and so on, ""(correct me if i am wrong here, please). Cheers & thank you all in advance!


Hello @user9658,


The ability to manipulate tags in not a feature available in the v2 API.


As of this posting I have replied to all new cases that have come in over the past couple of days. If you have still not received a reply from us please let me know here.

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