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Can we get the Salesforce.com code to use as a sample


Can we get the Salesforce.com code to use as a sample

Can we get the salesforce.com code to use as a sample of interfacing with salesforce.com.  


Thank you in advance!


Thanks for the interest in our Salesforce plugin.  Unfortunately, the code in the Salesforce plugin is proprietary Constant Contact IP and is not available for public distribution.  What I can do is provide some additional information to you on how the plugin is built, maybe this will be helpful to you in your work.


Our Salesforce plugin is built using the standard Salesforce tools for plugin creation.  It is built on the Apex platform using all of the standard functionality.  It also leverages our public webservices API features, all of which use HTTPS requests to transfer data to and from Constant Contact.  We combine these two technologies to allow for two way syncing directly from Salesforce.


Hope this helps and feel free to ask any specific questions that may come up regarding developing with Constant Contact APIs.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

We are a Salesforce.com VAR/Developer and a Constant Contact partner.  I would like to move the constant contact salesforce.com integration to the next level.  The current implementation only provides a visual force of the campaign information,  we would like to bring this data over to salesforce.  This allows:  users to create reports of all contacts with greater than XX Clicks, we can provide triggers, and add workflow to automate the marketing and sales processes.


We would like sample Salesforce code so we don't have to start from scratch with setting up the communication API with salesforce. We would ike to get all campaign information that has been updated since data/time and import into salesforce.com.


Any assistance you could provide will only help our clients and your future customers.  We currently have 35 companies waiting for this functionality before moving their email marketing to Constant Contact. 


Thank you in advance.



President & CTO

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