Canada Anti-Spam Legislation - Request for How to Get Consent from Database

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Canada Anti-Spam Legislation - Request for How to Get Consent from Database



I am looking into How to tie an opt in web page to your constant contact list.


Essential, I will be sending out an email to my list to ask for their consent to continue distributing our monthly newsletters. I am seeking to create a website like this -


I would like to make sure that I am able to update my list automatically.


Can someone assist creating an API that would allow me to do this?


Many thanks,




Hi Michael,


First off, I want to apologize for the short delay in getting back to you on this! After looking at the example that you provided, it is definitely possible to accomplish what you are looking for with the Constant Contact API. However, at this time Constant Contact does not offer developer services, so we would not be able to create the form on your behalf.


In order to get a head start on setting up the form, you could use one of our SDKs which contain pre-built examples of how to update a contact's information as a starting point. You can find a list of our code libraries here:


Additionally, if you have never used our API before, you will want to go through our "Get Started" guide to make sure that you have an API key and are able to generate an Access Token to connect your form to your Constant Contact account. You can find that guide here:


If you have any more questions for us, we will be happy to help!



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