Change of Interest emails wrong

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Change of Interest emails wrong



Couple of things.


I've developed another module to complement the drupal constant contact module, it's a webform component to integrate the webform module and the constant contact module.


Problem is whenever someone subscribes your system is sending a change of interest email which has incomplete  interest categories, it only ever says "General Interest" even though I'm subscribed to another 5 contact lists at the same time.


What I'm doing is updating the contacts interest lists through the API and using ACTION_BY_CONTACT.


Also it seems a bit silly to send this email when action type = ACTION_BY_CONTACT and not ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER.


Can the email be disabled?


If a contact updates their interests they know they have done so, but if a customer does they don't know so seems a bit weird to send the email this way, I think you've got it backwards :)



The system email you are mentioning is managed in the Contacts -> Grow My List section of each account.  The lists that display on the Change of Interest/Update Profile email are managed by the same section. 


To suppress these emails, the API action must be ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER, which will cause all system emails to be surpressed.  Anytime you use ACTION_BY_CONTACT, system letters will be sent out and the management of the lists presented there must be set up in the Grow My List section of their account.

Dave Berard
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Seems a bit counterintuitive since contacts cannot resubscribe themselves if I use ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER.

So it seems then there is currently no way to turn off these emails and let contacts resubscribe themselves.

Correct, as part of our CAN-SPAM compliance we are required to notify a customer whenever they are re-subscribed to an account after they are in Opted Out status.  This is to ensure that there is no malicious attempt to abuse our products to resubscribe contacts.  You can probably understand how easy this is to do with our API.  As such, we do not allow this safety notification to be disabled.  Best recommendation is to have the customers modify their updated preferences notification email to have the content presented there that they want through their account.

Dave Berard
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I think something is wrong with your forums.

I had an email saying another moderator had replied too but I do not see the reply here and he posted the reply before I replied to Dave_B.


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Hi James,   The change of interest email is only showing general interest because its probably the only list that is set up for the Join my mailing list.  You can change this inside of the account by logging in and clicking on list properties under the contacts tab and checking off the other lists that you want to see for selection.    The change of interest email is sent out so the customer is aware of the changes they made.  This is done because we have noticed that sometimes people who are changing information is not always the owner of the email address.  Since this email is generated it lets them know that something has been changed and they can contact you or sometimes even us to change things back to the way they want.    However this does not happen with ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER but it does not allow people to resubscribe if they have opted out previously.   I hope this clears things up, please let me know if you have any other questions.

Ryan saw that I had already posted on your thread after he sent that email and has since deleted his post.  Sorry for the confusion!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

This is an ecellent post, I think obviously change of interest emails wrong, can any one explain more about this niche.

please PM me your responses.




I have private messaged you, but I also wanted to provide my response here in case other users are following along.  

Change of Interest emails go out to contacts whose list subscriptions change.  The email will only go out if the opt in source is set to "ACTION_BY_CONTACT".  This is how the system was designed, because in theory, anyone could be changing another person's interests by entering their email address into an online form, so we notify them.


If you are changing their list subscriptions, you can set the opt in source to "ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER" to stop the change of interest emails from going out.


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