Check if end-user is under our affiliate account?


Check if end-user is under our affiliate account?

We plan to build our integration directly into our application, however, we want to limit it's use to Constant Contact customers who have signed up via our affiliate account.

Is there any way for us to check, via the API, if an end-user is under our affiliate account?   
If there is, then our workflow would be 
1. End-users sign up for Constant Contact.
2. They go through the oauth process and get an api token.
3. Each time they use the integration, we use the api to also check to make sure they're still under our affiliate program.
If there is not, then our workflow would be something like
1. End-user signs up with Constant Contact
2. End user is notified they will be activated very soon.
3. We get a notification from Constant Contact that someone has signed up via our affiliate link.
4. We log into our affiliate console and review the end-user.
5. We update their record in our CMS system it indicate they can use the Constant Contact integration.
6. Each time the use the integration, our program checks with our CMS system to see if they're allowed to use Constant Contact.
7. We also need to audit end-users periodically, since I believe an end-user can move to a different affiliate program.  In this case, they should lose access to the integration.  We have the infrastructure in on CMS to do this now, we'd just have to implement it.
Can we check, via the API, if an end-user is under our affiliate account?

We don't expose any abilities to look up accounts based on partnerships (affiliates) currently.  This is something we may add in the future but this would be mostly around the ideas of billing and revenue sharing reports as well as product usage analytics.  Constant Contact does not recommend limiting access to integrations to only users that have signed up through an affiliate program and currently we do not provide any services for doing this type of a check.  Our customers are generally not aware of their accounts being aware of partnerships or which partner someone would be under.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thanks for the reply.  I'd like to request such a feature, that is, an API call that returns a yes/no as to whether a user falls under a specific affiliate program.  


This feature is important to us precisely because this is a revenue share partnership arrangement.



Thanks for the feedback.  Will continue to look at this going forward but it is not on our short term roadmap. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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