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Clarification for confirmations sent to unsubscribed contacts and 'ACTION_BY_VISITOR' parameter

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Clarification for confirmations sent to unsubscribed contacts and 'ACTION_BY_VISITOR' parameter

Do existing but *unsubscribed* contacts get a confirmation when joining a new list? 


While buidling our custom forms and testing them through the API, I wanted to ensure that the opt in source is action_by_visitor so a subscriber that was unsubscribed and even deleted from the constant contact database gets a confirmation email.


$optParams = array('action_by' => 'ACTION_BY_VISITOR');


When testing the form, I outputted the constant contact object created, and it looks like the 'opt_in_source' was correctly listed as 'action_by_visitor', but I never received any confirmation emails after subscribing with valid test emails.  Here's the printed array of contact fields:


[email_addresses] => Array
            [0] => Ctct\Components\Contacts\EmailAddress Object
                    [id] => 29545aa0-81a1-11e5-a9b3-d4ae52733bf0
                    [status] => ACTIVE
                    [confirm_status] => NO_CONFIRMATION_REQUIRED
                    [opt_in_source] => ACTION_BY_VISITOR
                    [opt_in_date] => o'2015-11-02T20:34:48.000Z
                    [opt_out_date] =>
                    [email_address] => REDACTED



It says 'confirm_status' is 'no_confirmation_required'.  I thought that when someone signs up for a list (that they have not subscribed to before or one that they previously unsubscribed from), they receive a confirmation email from constant contact.


I just wanted clarification for confirmations sent to existing and unsubscribed and/or deleted contacts when they sign up for new lists.




I order to confirm the behavior, I ran a test specifically for this and any new contacts that were not previously in the system will receive a welcome email. In addition, contacts that were opted out will also receive a welcome email when they are added to your list by this method.


What you may have run into is if a contact is already active in your account and you're simply adding a new list to the contact, that does not cause an email notification to be sent. Given that the opt-in date on the example contact you provided is Nov. 2nd, I think that this is likely the case that you are seeing. The easiest way to test the notifications is to create a brand new contact, and then you can opt that contact out and resubscribe it to see that the welcome email is sent again.


If you have any questions, please let me know!



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