Clear List Activity


Clear List Activity

I am trying to remove all contacts from a group of lists using Constant Contact API v2. I thought the clear lists bulk activity would be a good way to accomplish this.


However, when I created a clear lists activity, it didn't seem to clear out any lists, in fact in the UI it says "Added 463 Contacts to Lists" next to that activity.


What exactly does this activity do? It seemed to add contacts to my account.




I want to begin by apologizing for the long delay on this issue! I have taken the time to investigate and test what is happening and I have confirmed that the issue is a case of improper language in the UI based on my testing. I was able to clear contacts from lists and confirmed that the lists were cleared as well.


However, if you are seeing the lists not being cleared at all or only being partially cleared, would it be possible to provide some before/after numbers for me? This would allow me to dig into this issue deeper to see if I can replicate the behavior you are seeing if it does not match what I have seen so far.


(As a side note, you may need to fully refresh the Contacts UI page and view the page for each list to refresh the numbers immediately. If left alone, the list counts will update automatically after a few minutes and you will see the new numbers when you next load the contacts tab.)


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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