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Client templates


Client templates



In the coming weeks I will be designing and developing a series of templates for a client. Once the HTML has been rigorously tested, I plan on importing my code into Constant Contact.


My question

Once I have imported the HTML, can I configure blocks (titles, main body copy and images) so my client can easily edit the template on a month by month basis? My client does not have any coding experience, so it's important that it's easy for them to update.




As of today, we don't have any options for converting custom HTML to a WYSIWIG template.  The only options we have available are to bring your own custom HTML code in as a HTML text and send it (no editing outside of a plain text editor) or to customize one of our existing templates to your needs.  The one other alternative would be to have our Custom Services team convert your design into our template, this is a paid service and will not be an exact match.  It will be a closest conversion.


Will pass on that feedback to our to our product team.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Has there been any change to this ability to make custom templates?

Sorry, we still do not support the ability to make custom templates for our WYSIWYG authoring.  We continue to support customizing existing templates for colors/fonts/content and for creating custom HTML for advanced users.  Will pass this feedback on to our WYSIWYG development team.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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