Coldfusion API - Application data not found for key: xxxx


Coldfusion API - Application data not found for key: xxxx

Hi everybody,


I'm currently setting up a constant contact API on my Coldfusion 8 website, and am running into problems.


I keep getting Application data not found for key: xxxx.


I'm not sure if I missed a step when creating the API key on Mashery, or just doing something wrong.  I'm not even sure what I should provide to help with the troubleshooting.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





You're using a v1 wrapper (coldfusion) with a V2 (mashery) API Key, which is causing the error.  You can generate a V1 API Key for use with that wrapper here, though I would recommend using one of the newer wrappers if you can, since they will be supported longer.


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Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

I can't seem to find any coldfusion wrappers built for v2 of your api...are they buried somewhere?  The link you provided only has php, java, iOS, and c#

Hi @imru,


Constant Contact has developed the SDKs for the languages you mentioned. This forum post is suggesting to move from our v1 API to our v2 API and is giving a link to our available SDKs in general. It is not saying there specifically a ColdFusion SDK.

Jimmy D.
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