Combine API with existing form on Home page of WordPress site


Combine API with existing form on Home page of WordPress site

I need help with using the API code and and existing sign up/opt in form on my new home page.


The form is added to my Home page via a shortcode.


I need to know which part of the php code to include and where so that my new contact name and email is sent to my CC new subscriber list.




Finally, is it possible to also generate an email sent to me to notify me of new subscriber - or is that something that can be done at Constant Contact?




Kate Williams for Michelle Moser, Makers Compounding Pharmacy




I'm also looking for similar information with Wordpress plugin form builder. I want to retain the sites theme but I don't see where I can edit the CSS or integrate the CC API into my PHP.

Hi Kate and JenniferU,


For Kate's Question, if you have an existing form(that is not connected with Constant Contact) that's pulled into your homepage from a shortcode, then modifying that form to also connect with Constant Contact would require you to edit the plugin that's creating that shortcode and form. This can be very complex, and the steps to do this depend entirely on what plugin you're using to create the form. Is your existing form connected to another system besides Constant Contact? If it is not connected to anything, then you could use the form designer that is part of the Constant Contact for Wordpress plugin. The form designer tool in this plugin will allow you to create forms and customize the look and feel of the forms.



If you would like to have a plain form without any special CSS, there is an option you can disable in the form designer to "Use Form Styler?". If this is disabled, then the form will use your theme CSS to determine the look and feel.


If you have any questions, please let me know!



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