Connect mashery account to constant contact account


Connect mashery account to constant contact account

I don't know if I am just overthinking things here but I just see no way to connect the mashery API account to the constant contact account.


So although I can get API access there does not seem to be a way to connect it to the proper account. Or is it just a generic connection and uses ID's instead?


Other people do not seem to have this issue so I am sure I am just miswording my searches, but I just cannot find anything on the subject at all....




With the Constant Contact API, we have configured it so that API keys that are created through your Mashery developer account represent only an application and are not tied directly to any Constant Contact account. In order to connect the application with a Constant Contact account, you must go through the OAuth authentication process by either implementing the OAuth flow in your application, or generating an Access token using Mashery's I/O Docs page. You can find more information about the Authentication process here:


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