Constant Contact API in WordPress plugin not working


Constant Contact API in WordPress plugin not working

Hi, I am logging into Constant Contact fine, but when I am trying to configure it or use CC in WordPress all I get is the error message:


The Constant Contact account has been locked.

User account is locked due to too many bad login attempts. Please reset follow these instructions to reset account access.


I do have the correct login information there so I don't know what's up. Also I have the form plugin and I don't see the settings for it anywhere.


Hello Mary!


After researching this issue, it appears that the problem was that the account you were working on had a space in the username. For using integrations with Constant Contact you normally need a username without a space as that will prevent most applications from being able to authenticate properly. I did see that the username that was in use has been updated now to no longer have a space.


We did receive your email to our webservices email address and I have responded in greater detail there. If you do have any more trouble with this, please feel free to post here again or to reply to the email that was sent.



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