Constant Contact API simple question

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Constant Contact API simple question



I have a login form that is hosted on a server and I would like this email to go to the constant contact list.


What would be the simpliest way to do that? 


Ideally I would like to solve this through one cURL call per email.


Thank you.




Sorry for the delay in response here. That is one of the most common uses of our API, and we have example signup forms that send email addresses into your account at the sample code tab on our developer website. Also see the Getting Started and API Keys tabs, since our sample signup forms will require you to generate a Mashery API key and access token.


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Shannon Wallace

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Thank you for your reply.


I am getting a page not found error by following the link to the sample code.

That's odd; I just checked the link and it works for me. Regardless, if you go to (paste that link into your browser) and go to the "Code Samples" tab, that is the link I pointed to. Sorry about that.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

Thank you,


This is very helpful.


I do have another question. How can I obtain the access token?


Would I need to do it through Mashery?



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