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Constant Contact CRM Integration

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Constant Contact CRM Integration


I am a new user of Constant Contact and am still becoming familiarized with the tool. My corporation plans on utilizing Constant Contact in the area of mass marketing automation and targetted news feeds. We are currently using a CRM tool called Zoho. My mission is to get Constant Contact and Zoho to talk to each other as much as possible. My final goal is to automate work flows, meaning 1)email campaign goes out 2)Constant Contact communicates the analytics to Zoho 3)Zoho taking the analytics information and diriving action items (for sales team) based on clicks and openings

Help with this process would be most appreciated!

Thank you very much and I will be actively checking responses,

Naveed Ghaffarian

Cazoomi Dev
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and also implement Zoho as a Partner with several Snaplogic.com Snaps (SaaS DataFlow integrations) out next week.

Would be open to hearing more about your requirements and plans?

~Clint Wilson




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Many thanks for your response, Clint! That is very awesome that you have completed Constant Contact Integration! Could you guide me as for what to do to learn about and implement this integration? Awaiting your response!



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