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Constant Contact Plug-In for Wordpress

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Constant Contact Plug-In for Wordpress


I installed Contant Contact Plug-in for Wordpress by Katz Web Services on my website in order to create an opt-in form that will give customers a choice to join one list from a drop down set of lists.  Everything seemed in order until I tested the form.  The customer email is not added to any list after pressing the submit button.  Any ideas on what I may have done wrong?




Hello Dave,


Thank you for reaching out to API Support.


The Constant Contact for Wordpress integration by Katz Web services is a 3rd party plugin and not built or supported by Constant Contact directly, so I'm limited in the scope in which I can help with this. 


For support and information on installation and setup, please visit https://wordpress.org/plugins/constant-contact-api/


David B.
API Support Specialist

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OK, thanks David B.  I don't think I will bother with that right now.  BUT maybe you can help me with something that is exclusively constant contact.

I happened to see in the contact growth tools how one can make exactly what I was looking for, an opt-in form for mulitple lists, so I went ahead and made one, copied the code and placed it in my wordpress site.  It came out really, well how do I put this, plain, simple, not real pretty, almost makes you not want to look at it.  But it works!!  And that's good.  But I would like to know if there is a way I can spiff it up even just a little bit without knowing html.  It doesn't have to look beautiful, just presentable.  Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts.

Also Dave B.

Hello daveb604,


There are three options when using the Sign Up Form from the Contact Growth Tools. If you used the URL or Button options those do not have the ability to be changed beyond what you were able to create during their initial set up.


However; if you used the Embedded Code option (sounds like this is what you did) then it takes the look from the external style sheet in the HTML code. We have a Tech Blog that details how to modify that code, but it does require some HTML knowledge. The link to the Tech Blog is below. You may be able to just remove the section that refers to our style sheet and if your Wordpress site is set up in a way that the Embedded Code can see it will adopt the style of your website. Based on the below article line 4 refers to our style sheet.


If your site does not have style info set up in a way that the Embedded Code can see then you will need to use some HTML knowledge to add some in-line styling to make it look the way you want.




I hope this article helps.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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I hope so too!  Thanks for your help.


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