Constant Contact Signup Form Generator (CCSFG) Not working properly

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Constant Contact Signup Form Generator (CCSFG) Not working properly

Set this all up an everything looks good but wondering gif there's something wrong with the config.php file. Anytime I test it I get the default error message so it's not even redirecting me to the failure url.




Can you see your username and password set correctly in the config file?  Are there any spaces your username?  Also, what is the default error message you're getting?


Thanks in advance.


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Shannon W.

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Username and password are correct in the config file. There are no spaces in the username.


The default error message I keep getting is the one at the bottom of the signup/index.php file:


We're Sorry!

It appears that you were not added to our mailing list. This may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

You have misspelled your email address

You did not choose a list to subscribe to

The system may be busy. Please try again later



Hello Melissa,


That error message is the default error for when the CCSFG signup/index.php file does not have a failure URL defined. If you did set up a failure URL in your config and it is not showing, then it is likely that your directory structure may be incorrect for the CCSFG. This can happen if the relative locations of the files and folders of CCSFG are different from how they were originally packaged.


If this doesn't help you to resolve the issue, I would suggest sending an email to with the URL for your signup for and a brief description of the issue. This way we can look at the actual form for errors without having to publicize the page before it is complete.


As always, please reply to this post with any questions and I will be happy to assist you!



Elijah G.

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Elijah G.
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I did move the entire folder from one folder to another, which is maybe the issue. I didn't change relative location of any files but I'm thinking of removing and reinstalling, and if that doesn't work I will email webservices.




Im stuck in the same loop, Ive triple checked all my settings, Ive deleted the folder and started over, I cant get out of this loop. Did anyone else actually resolve this?


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