Constant Contact and Blackberry OS 6

CC Steward

Constant Contact and Blackberry OS 6

Has any one been able to launch a email campaign created on a desktop and saved as a draft from a Blackberry Bold 9780 using the new OS 6? (assign a contact group and schedule etc. with no editing)




If you mean directly through the user interface and not using API's, while we officially do not support mobile browsers on our site, I have been able to successfully navigate the site on a Blackberry.  You will not be able to create emails though in our editor on a non-supported browser, but scheduling will more than likely work for you.

If you have any questions please let me know,

Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact

Unable to log in with BlackBerry OS 5.0. Little help?

Hey Rob,


We typically do not support mobile devices through this channel of support.  However I do know from a few searches that I did on Google that depending on the blackberry model, they do not deal with java-script to well which our web-site uses many different java-script libraries simultaneously.  This could cause a heavy load to the blackberry and thus give you an oops page or a time out page.  In same cases it may just freeze up your phone as some people stated when I searched.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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