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I'm not a developer but I have a technical question regarding the “Constant Contact for Salesforce” app. Those of you who are familiar with salesforce may be of help. The app works great, and I am particularly interested in the visualforce page it created called “Emails”, which syncs information such as #opens, #forwards, #clicks in the LeadCampaignHistory section. So the reason I’m interested in having information in Salesforce is because I have another salesforce app called “lead scoring” which scores leads based on information in salesforce fields. I can score fields such as the constant contact email opt-out field, but I can’t score the #opens, forwards, clicks because it is not a field, I guess it’s a visualforce page. So I’m wondering if there is any way I can manipulate the #opens,clicks,forwards data into a field/form that my Lead Scoring app can utilize. Any help is appreciated.





Hi Mike,


The plugin you're using was developed outside of Constant Contact, by Cazoomi, most likely, so we don't have too many details about how it works internally.  The developer of the plugin might be able to address your question, or custom build a solution for you if possible.  Their contact information should be available on the same page where you downloaded the plugin.  You could also check with salesforce to see if there is a way to convert elements in a visualforce page to a salesforce field.


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