Constant Contact to Salesforce Integration


Constant Contact to Salesforce Integration

I’m looking for some ideas to integrate Constant Contact to Salesforce Professional Edition. It seems as though there are only 2 app options out there right now. Both of which we tried and here is what we found:


  1. “Constant for Salesforce” – Very easy to install and very efficient however this only allows us to sync email opt outs, build contact lists and send a visualforce field to Salesforce showing Opens, Forwards and Clicks for contacts. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow us to report on the opens forwards and clicks.
  2. “ ‘ CRM’ Sync” – This app allows us to map nearly all necessary info back and for between CC and SF. The only problem seems to be that given our Professional Edition level, SF requires us to pay an additional $300 per user per year for this functionality in addition to the $50 a month to Cazoomi. We currently have 16 SF seats so this would end up costing us $5400 for the year, which is not in the budget.


I’d have to think that we’re not the only company in this situation. Any suggestions on any affordable products/apps out there would be greatly appreciated .





I can certainly appreciate where you're coming from here, and I know affordability plays a key role in business decisions.  The only solutions or companies that we're aware of that specialize in Constant Contact-Salesforce integrations are listed here in our marketplace.  Please do look through the options if you haven't already, and keep us posted if you find a more affordable solution.


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Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

Thanks for the feedback on the Constant Contact Salesforce integration (option 1 you mentioned).  We are looking at way to make that better in the future.


One of the areas that is difficult for us is the syncing of opens, clicks and tracking.  Since these fields are not standard Salesforce fields, the edition of Salesforce you have dictates how we can store those and access them.  As Salesforce mentioned, you do need to pay an upgrade charge if you want them to be custom objects and searchable.  This is a limitation of Salesforce editions and not a limitation with the integrations.  We'll continue to look at this and see how we can possibly make this better but as of now, we don't have any workaround that doesn't involve paying Salesforce a higher yearly fee or upgrading your Salesforce edition.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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