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I'm attempting to integrated with constant contact and I'm having problems.

I've got the api key and I've done about 10 tests in total with new list names I've created for testing but they all fail. The error is that the list name does not exist.

However, the list names do exist and they're very simple. I created them to be as simple as they can be. 'test' and 'new'

Neither of these work - the error reported from Constant Contact is that the lists don't exist.

Is there something that needs to be enabled with the API or can you give some pointers. I have checked, re-checked and checked again all the login credentials, api-keys, list names and I know I'm doing it correctly. I have contacted Nanacast thinking it was their side with the problem and they have said that it seems I have the correct setup, but Constant Contact reports that the lists do not exist.

Can you please check my account and make any adjustments as would be necessary to allow me to add contacts to the lists using the API.

Thank you for your help.


the account username is herondanceartstudio



Are you creating a new integration, or are you using an integration already set up by that company?


If you are creating a new integration, when creating a contact with our API, you must use the list ID instead of the actual list name.  You can find the list ID by doing a GET https call to the lists collection.


If you are working with an existing integration with nanacast, I'm not familiar with that site, so I am not sure what they have set up to add contacts to the account.  However, in general, when adding contacts with our API, you must provide a list ID and not the list name, unless you are using a library that does that for you.


If you have any questions please let me know.

Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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