Contact Events - Opt out of some, but not all lists


Contact Events - Opt out of some, but not all lists

I understand how to use the Contact Events service to capture when a user chooses to opt-out of all lists.  But what if the user chooses to opt-out of only certain lists?  Is there a way to capture that event through the API?  




When a cusotmer clicks on the unsubscribe link in an email, they will be asked to unsubscribe to all lists within the account.  If they click on this it will show as an unsubscribe in the contact event.


In order to be removed from a particular list, they would click on the Update Profile/Email Address link in the email.  This will send them an email so that they can update their information.  Because this is not technically unsubscribing from a list, and just updating their information, it will not show in any of the event data for the campaign.  However, it will show the customer as a recently updated contact.


If you have any questions please let me know.



Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact
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