Contact Upload Speed Through the api

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Contact Upload Speed Through the api

This is just a general sort of question, I don't really want to get into specifics.  But does anyone else notice pretty large swings in the amount of time it takes to upload any given record?  I'm just wondering if this is common and related to the load that constant contact is experiencing at any given moment, or if my internal network is the culprit.

I mean one time it takes my code under a second to upload a contact and a few minutes later the same contact may take 15 seconds!

Just would like to hear other developer's experiences.



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Re: Contact Upload Speed Through the api

Hi Sally,


Sorry for the delays you have been experiencing. We did have some issues of long response times earlier, but they should be resolved now. Please try again and let us know if the response times are still longer than usual. If they are still too long, please tell us the response times you are currently experiencing as well as send us the XML or PHP you are using to send content to our servers.



Richard Maxwell
Support Engineer, Constant Contact
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