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Contact discrepancy


Contact discrepancy

I have a contact that returns a status OPTOUT when I pull via the v2 API by email address. I get only this one contact back as a result. However, when I pull the contact by ID, I get a different contact with the same email address and a different ID, with a status of ACTIVE. 


Can anyone help me with this discrepancy? I can PM details if necessary. 




I can definitely help you out with this discrepancy you're seeing. It would definitely help if you can send me a PM or email us at webservices@constantcontact.com with some details about the account and the contact that's showing this behavior. The most likely case is that the account likely has a duplicated contact, but I would need to look at the data to confirm it.


Depending on what we're able to find out, I can make a suggestion for how to resolve the discrepancy.



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