Contact edit their profile...


Contact edit their profile...

I am just wondering if I have a custom form on my site how do I let the user edit their profile? Anyone have any code examples or maybe even a link to something here on the site. I have a feeling its been asked befor im just not finding the solution anywhere.




If you are using a typical 'Join My Mailing List' form, which can be found in your Constant Contact account by clicking on the "Contacts" tab, followed by the 'Join My Mailing List' link, a user can update their information simply by visiting the sign up box again on your website and entering their email address. This will send them an 'Update Profile' email allowing them to update their information.


Alternatively, a contact can also update their profile by clicking on the 'Update Profile/Email Address' link included in the footer of every email sent from your Constant Contact account. The information the contact is able to update from this link as well as the 'Update Profile' email mentioned above is based off of how you have your Join My Mailing List 'Contact Info' tab configured.


Lastly, you could build an 'edit contact information' page that would display a form filled in with their current contact details. You could then allow users to edit any information that they would like. Upon submitting the form, you would want to do an HTTP put to the following URI:{username}/contacts/{contact-id} 

which will update the contacts information in Constant Contact. For more information on this process, please take a look at Updating a Contact. You can also take a look at our Sample Forms in PHP, C#, and ColdFusion, which all have examples of this type of process. I hope this information helps.



David J

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