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Contact form coding


Contact form coding

I am looking for the embeded coding I can use on  our Weebly website for signups.  Specifically, I'd like to get first name, last name, email as required fields; then area code/phone number as optional.  Ending with a catcha code to eliminate spammers.


Does such a code exist?  I've never coded in my life, so go easy!




There are some options available, that we offer or partner with for what you are looking for.

The first one is the Registration Form that you get for free with your account. You would be able to edit it and make sure that it asks for the information you need from the people who sign up and then puts it in the contact list(s) on your account automatically.


  • For info on the registration form click here
  • For info on how to get a link or button for your website click here

The other option is a company called Formstack where you can create a form that you can get code to embed a form on your site where those that are signing up can put in their information all on your page.

Click here for information and steps for that.

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Marty K
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