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Converting to Partner - How to separate contacts


Converting to Partner - How to separate contacts

We have a client that is converting to a Partner account so that they can track Contacts by different locations.  So, they want all of their contacts and contact lists and email campaigns separated by their different locations.  My question is how to do that when using the API?  Do I have one API Key for the Partner account that I use to authenticate and then pass in some kind of parameter to indicate which location a new contact, for instance, goes into?  Or, do we need a separate API Keys for each location that we set up under the partner account?  


Hope this makes sense.....

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Re: Converting to Partner - How to separate contacts



Will each location will have its own Constant Contact account, or will there be multiple lists in a single Constant Contact account?


In either case you would have a single API Key, but the Access Token would determine which Constant Contact account to add to. If using multiple accounts, you would simply add the contact to the account for that location. If they are using only one account, you would make sure that the contact is added to the list for that location.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!



David B.
Tier II API Support Engineer


Re: Converting to Partner - How to separate contacts

Ah, ok.  Thanks, that helps a lot. 


I think they have different accounts set up right now, so I just need to get the Access Token for each account, no problem.