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Create Campaign with images and images are not diplayed in CC preview

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Create Campaign with images and images are not diplayed in CC preview

Creating a HTML campaign that contains images. The images are not stored on ConstantContact i.e. the img "src" attribute is not https://ui.constantcontact.com.....

However, when previewing the campaign within ConstantContact the img src attributes have been altered to https://ui.constantcontact.com... and the image references are broken.

When sending a test version of the campaign the images references wind up being correct and the images are displayed.

Anyone else experience this and /or have a resolution?


I apologize for the issue you're running in, but I'm happy to help with this. When you insert an image into a campaign, we then use a proxy to reference that image so that we can keep our product secure, as well as prevent security warning messages from popping up due to the image being located at an http:// address as opposed to https://.


After looking at your email, it appears the reason that our proxy is not able to actually grab that image is because they being referenced using a local address (ie:, which is only able to be seen by those on your network. Once the email preview is sent out, it is again referencing that local address, which is why you are able to see it again.


If you were to email someone outside of your network with that image location, they would not able to see it. In order to get this to work, you would need to upload the images into your Constant Contact account or some other web space/image hosting service such as photobucket.


I hope this helps. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this issue, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

David J

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Got it. That makes sense then.  We are running in a test environment hence the 192.168.1 addresses.  Once we move to a production environment our images will be publicly accessible and thus preview should work.

Thanks for the reply.

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