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Create a Campaign to a Subset of Contacts

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Create a Campaign to a Subset of Contacts

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding email campaigns. It seems to me that the only way to attach contacts to a new/exisiting campaign is by attaching Contact Lists to the campaign through the API. Thereby attaching everyone on the list to the campaign. The online tool seems to have a way that you can enter email addresses manually (i.e. a subset of contacts in your account). Can we do the same through the API? I guess the alternative is for me to make a temporary list through the API and then add the subset of contacts I want to that temporary list and then make the Campaign use this list and delete it after a period of time. This is a lot of extra overhead though, especially if the API already has a way to do this and I am just missing it. Thoughts?



The process of using temporary lists appears to be the best solution at this time. Our Campaigns API functions similarly to our online tool in the respect that scheduling and sending new campaigns requires that the contacts be connected to the campaign via lists. In the online tool we do have a way to resend to a number of contacts simply by typing them in however this behavior is not attainable through our API.


Keep in mind that you can reuse the same temporary list so long as you clear the contacts from it instead of deleting it. This may save you some overhead.

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