Create campaign from template using API

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Create campaign from template using API

Hi All,

I'm going through the documentation of creating a campaign using the POST API call. I want to create a campaign based on an existing template rather than creating the HTML code and add it in the "email_content" field. This way i don't have to change the code every time a change is made in the email content. I found this document stating that if you use "custom" template type there are no limitations. However, looking at the documentation for the POST call i can't find any reference to the template name in the structure. Am i missing something or is there a better way to do what i need?




Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact.

The information at that link is correct. Campaigns created using the API use the CUSTOM template_type; this is used for custom HTML code emails. Campaigns created using the website UI can use any template_type. You can only use the API to create custom HTML code emails, and our visual editor templates can only be created on our website.


Please let me know if you have any other questions!

David B.
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I am a bit confused.  What I think you are saying is that if I create a template on the website, I cannot create an email using that template from the API to send.  Is that a correct statement?  Here is a sample use case I am trying to solve....  When a new user signs up on our website, I want to send them a welcome email with some personal information (i.e. name, the school they belong too, etc...) Is there a way to create a template that I can reuse through the API to send?  

Hi @CarolynG105,


Our API cannot currently interact with Welcome Emails or Automated Emails. You can create one of those by logging in to your account, create it, and schedule it. You can then use the API to add contacts to the list that email is scheduled to send to; since it is a Welcome/Automated email it will automatically send out to anyone that joins the list.


You cannot use the API to create or edit that email.

Jimmy D.
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