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CreateAddContactsActivity not working

Occasional Contributor

CreateAddContactsActivity not working

I'm attempting to use the CreateAddContactsActivity to update a bunch of  email records. I've got a Datatable that holds the fields


List<string> listIds = new List<string>();


foreach (DataRow row in dataForAdding.Rows)
AddContactsImportData current = new AddContactsImportData();
current.FirstName = row["FirstName"].ToString();
current.LastName = row["LastName"].ToString();
current.CompanyName = row["Name"].ToString();


AddContacts addContacts = new AddContacts(list, listIds, null);


It all runs with no error, but the list is not updated when I check it Constant Contact.



Occasional Contributor

Re: CreateAddContactsActivity not working



The call is working, it just takes longer to update the list than I had thought that it would. How long after the function call is a safe wait time to assume the changes are reflected in the list?


Re: CreateAddContactsActivity not working


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Support.

When you create a bulk import activity, that activity will queue and then process. There are multiple factors that go into how long it takes to process an import, such as how many contacts you are importing or how many other imports across other accounts are running.

The response to your call to create the import activity should include an activity ID ("id"), and you can make a call to get that activity by ID to see the status.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

David Bornstein
Tier II API Support Engineer