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Creating Lists - Join My Mailing List Form


Creating Lists - Join My Mailing List Form

Hi, when creating lists from my application, what attribute/element name do I set/use in the xml so that the "Join My Mailing List" flag is set in Constant Contact?  I didn't see anything in the "create list" documentation that talked about this.




Chris Campbell

CTCT Employee

Re: Creating Lists - Join My Mailing List Form

Hello Chris,


There is a node in our XML that shows if the list will show up in the Join My Mailling list form or not.  It is the DisplayOnSignup node.  However, this node is currently read only, so you can see which lists will display but you cannot modify them in the API.


You can still modify them in the user interface by going to the Contacts tab in the account and then clicking on the Join My Mailing List link, and then clicking on the second step which takes you to the Join My Mailing List form.  From there you would go to the Lists link and then select the lists you would like to show up on the list.


The other alternative would be to use the API to create a custom sign up form that have different lists.  With this you would have a lot more control over the sign up box as well.


With that said, I definitely see the reason you would want this to be a modifyable node, and I am going to contact our engineers and let them know there is a need for this functionality.


If you have any questions please let me know and we can help you with you integration.



Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact