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Creating an Opt-In Box for my website


Creating an Opt-In Box for my website



I have a program that I need people to be able to enroll in and then receive an auto-response with a thank you message for signing up with the pertinent information they need for the program. 


I have it set up so that once they pay for the program through paypal, they are then redirected to a landing page (via my Wordpress site) that has an opt-in box so that they can be put on the mailing list for the program and get this welcome auto-response. Is this possible? And if so, how do I do it?


Thanks for any help you can offer me!




The simplest solution is to use the Join My Mailing List functions through the user interface (UI) of your Constant Contact Account.  Click on Contacts, then Grow My Mailing List, and you can use the options there to create a signup list, customize a signup form (to a limited extent), and customize the account's Welcome Email and Update Profile Emails.


All contacts who sign up from the above form, will get the account Welcome email.  Our UI documentation on this can be found here.


If that doesn't suit your needs, there are other options that offer greater customizable/flexibility through custom integrations using our API. Let me know if that's the route you would like to go.

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