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Custom Field embedding into A Link.

Re: Dynamic Links


It is incredibly frustrating not to be able to track dynamic links.

For example. In the simplest situation, In order to give customers the convenience of a dynamic link direct to their subscriber settings on our website (by embedding their email address in a dynamic link) I have to lose the ability to see if anyone is actually using the link--because it's not possible to track dynamic links.

This is a particular problem in one of our accounts where we create dynamic links for each link in the email (so as to direct library patrons to the relevant version of the page for their library). In a typical email I probably have 10 links, and because not one of them is trackable, I have no insight whatsoever into whether the campaigns are working.

I see in the forums this has been under discussion for 10+ years but without a resolution! And worse, the last time I checked, it's not even possible to make a dynamic link in the new interface!

When will this get fixed so that dynamic links can be tracked?


Thank you,