Custom signup form service?


Custom signup form service?

Can anyone help? (at least online support does not seem to be much help!)

I will pay someone out there who can create a custom contact signup form (I will send you the fields we want to collect) for our site. When done you would send me the code so I can insert it into our site. The form is not huge, but it is a pain trying to figure out the API to collect some additional data (CC - you need better examples on your site!).

Let me know if you can help!
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Im in the same boat. This is such a pain! I know someone out there already has this code created. Just copy and paste it into an email and i'll paypal you some money!


Are you looking for some help in integrating your web site or application to Constant Contact? While Constant Contact does not provide custom software development services, several companies have developed integrations for our customers. We have posted a listing of organizations who have expressed the ability to work with our APIs. You can find that list here. We have not worked with these companies directly.



Mod Edit - Changed list to direct to current resource for third party integrations. 

Dave Berard
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I might be able to help. What type of form are you wanting to create?
Send me your form requirements. I'll review them and let you know if I can help. IMO, I have found API support to be very helpful.
Jon W.
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I would also be happy to help anyone with custom forms and api setups. We are a constant contact business partner as well. Just shoot me an email at


Bill Cooey

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