CustomField changing the label for it

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CustomField changing the label for it

Based on the documentation I've read from your site, it states that "The new contact management system allows custom fields with very few naming restrictions.". I also found some documentation stating that a label would be able to be updated via the REST service.  I don't see the label field/property in the new CTCT wrapper which I downloaded today 4/9/2014.  Am I only able to use CustomField1, CustomField2, etc. naming convention?   


//from your documentation.

Custom fields

The contact endpoints currently only support the custom field name format of CustomFieldn, where n= 1 - 15. The new contact management system allows custom fields with very few naming restrictions. The API ignores custom fields not using the format CustomFieldn.


//documenation from your rest API 



You can create up to 15 custom fields associated with a contact. The API currently only supports the custom field format described here. If the account uses the new contact management system, it is possible to create custom fields with varying formats. The API ignores custom fields not using the format below.


string (50)

For accounts using the new contacts management system, this read-only field displays the custom_field name entered using the product GUI. For accounts using the legacy contact management system, the value is displayed only if it matches the CustomFieldnn (n=1-15) format.



You must name each custom field CustomField1, CustomField2,...CustomField15. Only custom fields with values are shown in response to a GET call.


string (50)

Content of the custom field


Can you please clarify this?  Maybe I need to update the .net library to include a label?


Below is a sample of my code:

contactToUpdate.CustomFields.Add(new CustomField { Name = "LeadSource", Value = client.leadSourceName });
contactToUpdate.CustomFields.Add(new CustomField { Name = "How soon do you want to do this", Value = client.HowSoonDate.HasValue ? client.HowSoonDate.Value.ToShortDateString() : "" });
contactToUpdate.CustomFields.Add(new CustomField { Name = "Is Vet", Value = client.IsVeteran.ToString() });


Sorry for the confusion, it's a great question and one we get every now and then.  We've tried multiple ways of wording the documentation and have had hit and miss success with it.


We are living in a world today where the API has access to accounts with two very different contact management systems, with very different functionality.  As such, we have carefully carved out a set of functionality supported by both systems.  This is mostly limitations on our new contact management system which has, in some ways, much more functionality than the older version we are migrating our customers off of.


One of these pieces of functionality is unlimited custom fields with any name a customer wants.  Unfortunately, our older contact management system does not support this and only allows 15 custom fields with a specific naming convention (CustomField1...CustomField15). 


Because the limitations of our older system include both only 15 fields and not renaming them, we are only able to support 15 custom fields with a specific naming format in the API.  When we have completed migrating all of our users to the newer contact management system, we also plan on adding new functionality such as renaming and managing custom fields.  This is not supported today however.


Hopefully that clears up your question.  I know it's not the answer that supports a solution for you and I apologize.  We will update the documentation and release notes when we add new functionality in.  We do not have any ETA on this as it requires us to migrate all of our customer accounts to do so and we are not publicly sharing any ETA on a 100% migration date.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Thank you Dave.  I understand what's going on now. 

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