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Customize register screen


Customize register screen

I would like to be able to customize the register screen. I want to direct current subscribers to a link that will provide them with the option of signing up for a different newsletter. When they click on that link they get a message. "Registration. Please enter your email address below to sign up for our mailing list." It is only then when they add their email address they they get to the customized form regarding different newsletter options. For current subscribers, getting a message to "sign up for our mailing list" is confusing. They rightly think they have already done that. Is it possible to customize that initial screen?


Hi Deborah,


You can not edit that screen inside of your account but you can create those screens on your web-site with a developers assistance.  What the developer could do is use our API to check to see if the email address entered is a current contact and if so the contact would see a certain page on your web-site which could draw information from your constant contact account and allow them to update it.  If the contact did not exist they could go to a different page and see an entirely different page with a list of options that you would like.  This however does require some development work.


Let me know if i can be of any more of assistance.



Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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