Daily Auto Emails


Daily Auto Emails

Wanting to see if I can import specific infomation such as golf times and price for specific courses that will appear in daily auto opt in emails. Ideas was to create a body (shell) email and info would load in specific area at a specific time,






Absolutely, you can use our API to create and schedule emails automatically.  You would be providing us with the HTML contents of your email, and schedule the email to be sent in a second API call.  It could be automated with you coding the requirements (what HTML is static and what changes).


If you create XHTML emails, you can also pull contact data into the emails so that each email is unique to each recipient.  Linked is an FAQ on pulling custom fields, and our advanced user's guide, which explains more about custom XHTML emails.  Our developer portal and code samples include information & methods, respectively, on how to create and schedule emails through the API.  Let us know if you have any follow up questions.


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