Deleting Archived Campaigns

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Deleting Archived Campaigns

This is probably a noob question but if I delete a campaign via the API, will the archived campaign be deleted as well? Or are they one in the same i.e. the campaign is an archived campaign so if I delete it, it's gone. I need a way to manage my archived email count (100 max...I think) via the API.


Unfortunately, we do not have any sort of Archive management through our API at this time. In addition, deleteing a campaign does not delete the archive that was created from it. The only way to remove the archive would be:


1. Login to your Constant Contact account

2. Click the "Email Marketing" tab.

3. Click the "Archive" Link.

4. Select the checkbox next to the archive you would like to delete

5. Hit "Delte From Archive"


The only information regarding the archive available through our API at this time would be from retrieving the specific details from an email campaign. You can find more information about in Obtaining a Campaign's Information. I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. Please feel free to reply with any follow up questions you may have.


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