Design issue.. ?


Design issue.. ?


 I am new to ConstantContact and not sure constant contact API support our requirements.

Our requirement is to send a personalized letter(few of the parameter will change in the letter for each user like name, address as well few other information) to 100 different users. Our plan is to create an email template and using that existing template through API, create an email campaign and schedule it as well as pass personalized values from our application to constant contact API.

Can you please let me know if this is possible and where I need to look in?


Hello @sandeeps99,


You can send out an email using our API. If you use the API to create the email you need to code it using HTML, or you can create the email in the account and then use the API to schedule the email.


The email can contain what we refer to as contact details or dynamic content. This is information that is pulled from each individual contact. This can also be done through the API. When you create a contact either through the API or through the website you add the data you want through our built in data fields or through custom fields.


When the email content is created you can call on those dynamic fields to have it pull in data from the contacts so that data pulls when the email is sent live. Again this can be done through the website or the API.


You can start reading our API documentation at

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