Developers! I need help on a custom form for a free report

Developers! I need help on a custom form for a free report

Can someone help me customize a form on my website for a free report. Ultimately I would like a 1 step process (vs. 2 that Constant Contact requires by default) as well as a landing page explaining the next step.


Example Name and Email gets filled out. They hit submit and takes them to a page with my banner at the top that say please check your email for the link to your free report.


Right now it just says thank you for joining our mailing list. My emial is


There could be future work for the right person




We actually have a program which automates this for you and you may not need a developer to help you with this.  I would suggest that you check out our Constant Contact Sign Up Form Generator.  It is a program that runs on php, which you do need to have installed on your webserver.  It allows you to set up a one step sign up box on your site, and generates a form for you to paste onto your page.  It does give the option to have a success and failure landing page that you can customize.


If you have any questions about it please feel free to let me know.  Also, if you are looking for something even more customized, and would like to seek the assistance of a developer.  Take a look at our marketplace, which third party developers are listed who have expressed interest in helping develop Constant Contact integrations.



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