Direct Email


Direct Email

I am trying to use the constant contact web serviices for emailing. I just want to know, Is there a way to send emails without having someone add to the contact list.


If you are trying to use the API Webserice to send email to an address that does not reside in a CtCt list, then most likely you will not able to do that.


You can setup an email layout & content, then on the fly via the API add a bunch of contacts to a new or existing ContactList and send them that email.


If this is not what you want to do perhaps you could provide more details as to what you want to accomplish and how you'd like to do so.

Thanks for your reply.


Now I  have a different question. (say) I am creating a contact list with bunch of emailIds. Is there a way to send an email jt to just one person in that list? 


The only way is to create a Contact List on the fly for each individual and send an email?



Again I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish...


Consider the following via the API:

1. You can create a ContactList, there's a sample .Net project that includes most of what you need to know.

2. You can design an email "template" & assign it to that list.

3. Add contact(s) via the web or other processes (I use SSIS (DTS)) using the API to that ContactList, schedule and it should be sent (provided that everything is well)


What are your business objectives, challenges or workflows?


Is there something unique about each contact that you'd want to send a one-off email to each?




What it sounds like you're trying to do is send out transactional emails (one off emails) or use us as an SMTP relay provider.  Neither of those uses are directly supported through our product and they would end up being edge cases of a single contact list being sent a full campaign.  It's probably overkill for what you're looking to do and unlikely to work well for you.  If you're looking for a transactional or relay system, I'd recommend a tool specifically designed for that like Amazon SES or similar services.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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