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Do not give options for which list to join.

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Do not give options for which list to join.

I have created a custom form using the API so that the form will match the site and only display fields I want the user to fill out.  However currently I have it where the Interest List shows up to the right and lets the user choose which List to join.


How to I alter the code to force them to join the one list I want them to join and not show that sidebar.  I have three lists in total but 2 of those are for testing purposes.  I don't want to give the user a choice in which list they want to join.  They just fill out thier name and email and birthday and click submit.  Thanks.


Hey Quentin,


If you can please supply the code that you are using I would be more than happy to assist you with this.


Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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I found the issue in the cc_class.php page where you could turn it off and force a list.

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