Does the option to resend email campaigns through the api expire after 85 days

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Does the option to resend email campaigns through the api expire after 85 days

From what I understand, when you manually send emails, the ability to use the resend options expires after 85 days of the first email.  I am using the API to resend emails.  Will the ability to resend using the API be disabled after 85 days?





The API would allow you to copy the object of an email by grabbing the emailcontent node and parsing it back out and back into a new version of the email. Thus allowing to resend it.  This would give it back to all the people who have already received this email however 

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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In regards to the people who have received it. This defeats the purpose of having a resend option whether it is API or through Constant Contact interface. To my knowledge and with testing in Constant Contact I have come to a "no solution" of being able to resend to people added to a list any pertinent emails that are outside the 85-day rule. Many companies have content that they want to share with new clients or potential clients that is important for many years.


There are several issues with the resend option. One is the 85-day rule. Companies' blog and find information that is very relative to potential clients past 85 days. For example, there are blogs about accounting that we do for churches that are pertinent for many years. So after the 85 days you have to review the main contact list and figure out which contacts were added after the last email was sent. Move those to a list because you don't want to send this same email to ones that have already received it. Then you have to do a copy of the email, which also gives an internal id number to that email to track who was sent the new-copied email. This will only work once because as you add more people to your main list they are not being put on to the other short list for every individual email you have to set up. So if you have 30 pertinent emails you would have 30 short list.


Secondly, I was told to use auto responders. This is not an option because you can only have 10 active at one time. As a company that educates our users, we can easily have about 30 emails that are pertinent at any time.


In testing with Constant Contact I have found no alternative that addresses these issues:

1. Keeping people from receiving the same email twice when dealing with multiple list and emails.

2. How to resend pertinent emails after the 85-day rule.


The current scenario of the resend option being used just does not address the needs at this time and I ask that you look into it.



Thanks for the feedback on the resend feature.  The resend feature was implemented to allow an email to be resent for a short period of time under the assumption that most email content goes stale after a certain point in time.  Also, the amount of data stored on our servers causes limitations in how long we can store this type of data and make the resend feature work (reporting data for sends, opens and clicks is only stored for 85 days as well). 


I will definitely pass this feedback on to our team.  It sounds like you're looking to use our resend feature as a type of marketing automation tool.  While this is not something we provide in our software, long resend features or multiple autoresponder tracks would solve your needs.  Those are both things our engineering group is looking at as possible enhancements in the future, though neither of those pieces are something we're likely to have in the near term.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Dave - I posted this on another forum of possible solutions that could be done that might cut down on the turn around time for developement.


The two solutions I see that would solve it is that emails that are pertinent be tagged to allow them to be sent out of the 85 day rule.


Or when you copy the email as suggested by others the prior contacts have the internal ID number reflected with that new email so they don't get the email twice. These are the only two solutions that I see as being beneficial. Thanks

I definitely understand the two options you've mentioned and will pass them on.  Just to let you know, both of those are unlikely to be short term solutions for different reasons.


1. Resend longer than 85 days is actually a technology challenge.  We are working on solving this and expanding features but this is definitely a long term project.


2. Copying the send list with the email is not something the majority of our customers would want.  Most of our customers copy an email in order to maintain layout/branding and then customize the content.  They follow that up by usually resending it to the same or a similar list.  If we copied over the send list and blocked them from recieving the email, it would cause this feature to not work correctly for a large majority of our customers.  This is an unlikely possible solution due to the problems and complications it would cause for the majority of our customers.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact



I don't see how in solution 2 that the list would be blocked. I am not saying blocking anyone. Just that the email is not sent again to people that already have received it already.




I may not have explained it correctly.  When an email is copied, it is currently a new email.  It hasn't been sent to anyone ae it is a new, unique entity.  In fact, you can completely change the lists associated with the copied campaign, change the content and end up with a very unique campaign that is very different than the original source campaign.  This is the reason most of our customers copy an email.  If we were to prevent a copied campaign from being sent to the people the original was sent to, the copy email feature would end up being nearly useless to the majority of our customers.  For this reason, it's unlikely that we will modify the copy email feature to prevent it from being sent to the recipients of the original email.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

Thank you for clarifying this. Knowing the situation that I am experiencing what is the most streamlined solution (work around) that can be provided?

Since you're putting together a marketing automation flow, which is something more advanced than what a normal Constant Contact customer does, there isn't anything built directly into our software that you can use.  The only way I could imagine this as possible would be to implement a complete API based flow that does campaign creation, sending, list creation and list import all from the integration.  Creating a new list for every send and importing only the people you know you want to send the campaign to for that send, or reusing a list with the same campaign for say 30-85 days, would emulate the process you're talking about.


The only alternative I can think of would be to move into an enterprise level solution, though the cost for those tends to be $10k-30k+ per year as opposed to our pricing and they usually require you to set up advanced configurations.  If this is something you'd prefer to do, please send me a private message and I'll send you a couple of names of companies that could fill your needs more directly. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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