I use code on my website to allow my users to enroll.  At the end of the day, my system spits out a CSV file, which I pump into Constant Contact (CC).  I do this becaus ei need the data on my side for other processing,  However I've ran into problems keeping everything synced.  I looked at using the basic template that CC provides.  I did the customize field bit, and the form looks find, with one exception.  I collect 4 fields of data, including email address.  I need one of the 4 fields to be a dropdown box, with a list my users can choose from.  Any suggestions on how to make this happen?  I have not tried CC's api yet, and am kind of swamped at the minute, so would like a fairly easy solution.  Thoughts?




We don't have any pre-built forms that contain a dropdown, but you can take a look at our Signup Form Generator to see if you can use that to suit your purposes for now.  It adds email addresses to your Constant Contact account as people add themselves on your website.  Otherwise, I'm afraid my only other suggestion would be to see if someone has provided source code for a dropdown menu online (open source) and see if you can modify that with the information you want.


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