Duplicate Submissions with two (different) forms on same page

Duplicate Submissions with two (different) forms on same page

Hi There Team,


We are embedding Web Sign-Up forms on our new website: cmsschicago.org. Across the site there is a signup collecting email addresses in the footer of the site. But for our blog page: http://www.cmsschicago.org/news-blog/ we have a signup form on the header of the page. When submitting information on that page, email addresses are being submitted twice, since there are two forms on the page (one in the header, one in the footer). 


These forms are seperate forms within the "List Growth Tools" page, however, when users are submitting their email addresses from pages where the different forms are both displaying on the page, the email addresses are being duplicated. Is there any way to have two embed signup forms on the same page without information submitted being duplicated?

Thanks much and please let me know if you have any additional questions about this. As an aside, the reason that we are embedding forms rather than using the WordPress plugin is that the installation is failing




Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


When embedding the forms it uses a URL to submit the data which means when the submit button is clicked the URL is pinged twice with the data. That is causing the duplicate submission. There is no way to stop that from occurring if both of your sign-up forms are for the same Constant Contact account because they use the same "ca" number. This is the number that identifies the Constant Contact account when this embedded code is used.


The WordPress plugin would definitely correct this issue. If you are not able to install it I would highly recommend to post on the support forums on the plugins website. That way we can track any issues with the plugin and locate a fix for you as well. https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/constant-contact-forms

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