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Easiest Way Send Email Through API

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Easiest Way Send Email Through API


I currently send bulk emails through a home built system that basically loops through lists of users, sends them a selected email, and replaces placeholders with custom data from the user.


We are interested in sending those emails through the Constant Contact API to get the benifits of seeing the analytics - clicks, opens, bounces, etc.


Is there a way to just send the emails though CC without having to create contacts, campaigns, etc?  Basically a way to call ConstantContactApi.SendMail(emailToSendTo, emailHtmlBody, emailTextBody) ?


Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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Re: Easiest Way Send Email Through API

Our email service syndication process requires at least 3 items/objects in order to be processed:


  1. A properly structured email campaign object.
  2. A distribution list containing the contacts to which the email campaign will be delivered.
  3. A schedule specifying when to send the email campaign.

The answer to your question in short is no, because without a list of contacts, we have no way of syndicating/distributing the email campaign. 



Rich Marcucella
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